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Pro Fitness v3 Focus Pads

Blitz Pro Fitness V3 Focus Pads

Leatherette and mesh focus pads with a concave anatomically moulded palm and padded wrist support. These pads are great all-rounders and an ideal choice for practitioners of all skill levels. Size: 23cm x 18cm x 13cm. Sold in pairs.


Blitz Spot Leather Focus Pads

Blitz Spot Leather Focus Pads

The spot leather focus pads with a hand size glove manufactured for Senior (Red / Black) and Junior (Yellow / Black) hands. Sold in pairs. Dimensions : 30cm x 20cm x 6cm.


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Tapout Elite Curved Focus Mitts

Tapout Elite Curved Focus Mitts

Designed to elite specifications, the Tapout Elite Focus Pad Mitts are perfect for helping you fine tune your skills. Benefitting from a curved strike zone, durable leather construction and foam padding, these hook and jab pads, also feature a mesh-backed mitt with ball grip, hook-and-loop tape for secure fit and Tapout branding to the pad, mitt and lining. 


Badbreed Twisted Intentions Curved Leather Focus Pads

Badbreed Curved Leather Focus Pads

Made from pre-curved, perforated, buffalo leather for improved hand positioning and increased range for angled strikes (front panel: 10” by 7.5” and 1.75” in depth). Combines a moisture absorbing and anti-microbial lining to retain freshness. Cool mesh system improving hand grip and hygiene whilst ensuring breathability. Injected foam enhancing wrist support and comfort. Ideal for practicing punches, jabs, hooks and uppercuts.


Blitz SP50 Gel Tech Focus Pads

Blitz SP50 Gel Tech Focus Pads 

Leather and mesh focus pads with a concave anatomically moulded palm and padded wrist support. Gel-tech padding helps cushion the blow of strikes. Suitable for intermediate to advanced training. Size: 23cm x 18cm x 18cm. Sold in pairs.

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Everlast Mantis Mitts

Everlast Leather Mantis Mitts

Smaller surface area develops timing and sharpened speed combinations. High grade leather provides long-lasting durability and functionality. Uses Everdri™ technology for moisture management. Velcro wrist strap is fully adjustable. Sold in pairs. Mantis Mitts are great for coaching and mitt work.


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Badbreed Legion Thai Pads

Badbreed Legion Thai Pads

Lightweight, hard wearing Thai pads designed for explosive kicks, knees, elbows, hooks and uppercuts. High density rebound padding for extra protection, shock absorption and rapid recovery after use. Multi layered curved strike surface absorbs the strongest of blows whilst minimising the force felt by the holder. Soft panel to the rear provides additional padding and reduces abrasion when worn. Two Velcro padded, double fold strap and firm stitched handle for ease of use, precise fit and stability. Ideal for coaching and developing a fighter’s skill. Tested by the most successful Thai and Combat fighters in the world. Made from premium synthetic leather. Sold as a pair.


Blitz Firepower Angled Thai Pads

Blitz Firepower Angled Thai Pads

Constructed from buffalo leather with premium PU backing for additional comfort. Includes two Velcro padded, double fold straps for precise fit and stability. Each strap is padded, double stitched and reinforced onto the main body for longevity. A soft PU panel to the rear reduces abrasion. Curved face to absorb powerful blows, perfect for explosive kicks, knees, elbows, hooks and upper cuts. Ideal for coaching and developing a fighter’s skill. Front panel: 35cm by 19cm and 8.5cm in depth. Sold in pairs.


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