Class Instructors


Andy White - Instructor

Andy White - Instructor

Andy first started his training over 15 years ago at the old SAMA gym in Mark Lane, Eastbourne. He later began training under Lee Gibson and continued to train hard to achieve his black belt.

Andy who is now an experienced instructor has both full contact and light continuous kickboxing fights under his belt and has also trained in K1 and MMA.

He likes to keep his classes as diverse as he can and is extremely popular amongst his students.

Paula O'Sullivan - Instructor

Paula O'Sullivan - Instructor

Paula has been training with SAMA for over 6 years. She was encouraged to start kickboxing lessons when her son Brandon achieved his black belt in karate with SAMA. 

Paula teaches her kickboxing classes in Eastbourne. Paula is extremely popular amongst her students and she always makes sure everyone has a great lesson. As well as assisting at gradings and competitions, Paula also helps run the kids kickboxing classes in Eastbourne.

Paula is always working hard on her fitness and kickboxing techniques and is improving as a kickboxer and instructor all the time.

Natasha Courtney - Instructor

Stuart Hedges - Instructor

Stuart has been training with SAMA kickboxing for over 5 years. He has just started to teach kickboxing classes in Eastbourne. Stuart is already a very popular instructor with his students due to his classes being high intensity and also very diverse.

Stuart is extremely fit and keeps himself in good shape. He also recently competed in full contact kickboxing taking home the win against a very tough muay thai opponent.

Natasha Courtney - Instructor

Natasha Courtney - Instructor

Natasha has been training with SAMA for over 5 years and trains in both karate and kickboxing.

She has just started to teach kickboxing classes in Bexhill. She also holds a brown belt in karate and regularly helps at the children's karate classes and gradings.

Natasha trains very hard and is extremely fit. She has also run in local marathons raising money for charity.

Rick Chagouri-Brindle - Instructor

Sempai Rick Chagouri-Brindle - Instructor

Rick first started his karate training after watching his two young sons train for many years within SAMA. He decided, along with his wife to try one of our adult karate classes and was hooked form his first lesson.

Rick trains in his weekly adults karate classes and has regular private lessons. He always shows great determination to keep improving his karate. He has also expanded his training into kobudo (weapons) and kickboxing.

Rick has been training with SAMA for over 8 years and helping in karate classes in Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings every week for over 2 years to gain teaching experience. He now teaches his own classes.

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