Head Instructors


Hanshi Gibson 8th Dan

Hanshi Alan Gibson - Chief Instructor

SAMA Organisation is headed by Chief Instructor Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan. Originally from Govan in Glasgow, Hanshi Gibson is one of Britains highest graded black belts. With over 54 years of training and teaching in different styles of karate and other martial arts with some of the worlds top masters he is also regarded as one of the most experienced karate teachers in Britain today.

Commended on local & national television for his karate skills and power as seen on "South today" "Meridian News" "Channel 4s Big Breakfast" and BBC's "That's Life", awarded Sussex County's top bravery award by the Head of Sussex fire service and presented by the Lord Mayor of Brighton for his courageous actions in saving the lives of a mother and her three children from a house fire.

The only karate exponent to be awarded the supreme medal of courage from the I.O.F. (world leaders against child abuse) from their headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and nominated for "Hearts of Gold award" and the Queen's award for bravery.

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Hanshi is highly trained in the art of Kobudo (weapons training)
High side kick on cliff top in early 1980's
High spinning wood break kick, captured at the point of the break
High roundhouse kick on cliff top in early 1980's
Jumping front kick Lewes Rd. Dojo around 1983
High jumping backfist
Double flying side kick



Sensei Lee Gibson - Head area instructor

Yondan Lee Gibson - Head area instructor

Lee Gibson 4th Dan has been training for 32 years and oversees the Eastbourne through to Battle areas.

His father and trainer is Hanshi Gibson the chief Instructor of SAMA whom he admits is his role model within martial arts. Brought up on a strict daily training schedule. He follows his fathers philosophy of showing by example and feels it is important to practice what you preach.

He has trained in many different countries including Japan and the USA. He has also competed in tournaments all over the UK, shown his skills at demonstrations in the UK and France and is currently undefeated in 10 pro full contact kickboxing fights. He has also trained in Judo, Kobudo, K1 & Boxing.

Yondan Lee & brother Scott at La Santa training camp
Step sprint training in Japan
Training at JKA class in Tokyo
News clip 1991
High jumping spining crescent kick at La Santa training camp
Full contact win
Front page of SKO news 1996 aged 17
Training camp in Florida USA
Training in Japan
High roundhouse kick at La Santa training camp
Yondan Lee aged 5 yrs sparring at the old Lewes road SAMA Dojo in Brighton
In action during full contact kickboxing fight
Temple in Osaka
Weight training at La Santa
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