Kickboxing Grade

Next grade dates

  • Due to Covid-19 all gradings have been put on hold.

Grade venue

  • Bexhill 6th Form College, Penland Rd, Bexhill, TN40 2JG. Please click here for directions.

Grading times

  • Adults and kids book in at 4.30pm - Grading starts at 5.00pm

Don’t forget to bring 

SAMA Membership card and up to date insurance attached. If you/your child is a white belt do not worry as it will be waiting for you to collect at the grading. Please Note: There will be a £2.00 admin charge for forgotten membership cards. There will be a £5.00 admin charge for damaged or lost membership cards. Due to bank charges there will be a £1.00 charge if paying by cheque. Sparring equipment if sparring for grade including suitable gloves, shin/foot pads, gum shield and head guard.

If your membership is out of date

Your renewal date can be found in the front of you/your child’s SAMA membership card. This needs to be in date for training and grade test. Our office sends notifications prior to when this is due. Please click here to renew or alternatively this can be done over the phone by calling our office on 01273 580577 or via your class instructor. Please make sure this is done before coming to grading.

Students must wear

Please make sure you or your child has a SAMA kickboxing uniform consisting of either trousers or shorts, vest or t-shirt and hand wraps. No jewellery to be worn including earrings. If you are unable to take your child's earrings out they will need to be taped over.

Kickboxing Pre-grade class

Benifits of attending the pre-grade class are:

  • Practice on all aspects of grade work a week before grading.
  • Practice on combinations, stances, defence, focus, shadow spar, fitness, sparring etc.
  • An extra confidence boost to shake off any nerves.All very important to achieving a pass. 

This class is held on the Saturday before grading. Cost £6 Pay on the day. Flyers will be given out by your class instructor near the time with full info. *This class is subject to change.

Grade fees - All payable on the day

  • Pre-Grade Class £6
  • Beginner to blue belt kids grading £15.00 (up to 18yrs)
  • Beginner to blue belt adults grading £20.00
  • Blue stripe & brown belt kids grading £20.00
  • Blue stripe & brown belt adults grading £25.00
  • Brown stripe belt kids grading £25.00
  • Brown stripe belt adults grading £30.00
  • Belts to buy - Plain £5.00 - Striped belts £6.00 - 1st kyu belts £7.00 

Also available on the day

There will also be a variety of equipment and accessories available to purchase on the day of the grading. Strike shields, boxing gloves, target/focus pads, key rings, holdalls, water bottles, hoodies, t-shirts, skipping ropes, sparring and protective kit, kickboxing shorts, belts and loads more! This and more can also be purchased via our equipment provider Strike Sport. Click here to view their site and rember use discount code 'SAMA15' at checkout for 15% discount for SAMA members only.

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