SAMA Karate Kids

Kids Karate

We currently run over 50 seperate children's karate classes across our areas spanning from Eastbourne to Battle. Taken by fully qualified instructors with many years of experience our classes are held straight after school, evening and weekends giving parents flexibility and choice.

Our weekday straight after school classes last for 45 minutes. Our evening and weekend classes last for 45 minutes for beginners, increasing to 1 hour once children pass their first belt (red belt). We normally take children from 4 years up depending on the individual child.

Our kids karate classes are £5 per lesson PAY-AS-YOU-GO, so this means if your children don't attend for any reason you don't pay! Compare all this to many other martial arts groups and children's activities and you may be surprised!

Our kids karate classes promote

Respect & Discipline

Respect and discipline are the most important parts of our karate training. At SAMA children learn this from the very start. They are taught to line up in class, act on orders, learn to behave, control their anger and control their techniques. They also learn that karate is not to be used to hurt people at school or outside.


Mixing with other children in class decreases parent separation anxiety and helps children gain more confidence. In time we find that many children start to build confidence in themselves helping them at school and with their social skills.


Our students are taught that karate is only to be used as a means of self protection. The philosophy of karate is that the first move starts with a defensive one not an attack.


SAMA karate classes are great for helping children improve their all round co-ordination.

Healthy Exercise

Our special exercise programme, developed from over 30 years of teaching helps children build a healthy body for the future. Benefits include: strong bones, muscle strength and improved fitness.

SAMA Adults Karate

Adult & Youths Karate

We base our karate on the older traditional roots of Chinese philosophy and Okinawan karate. Etiquette, health, self-defence and discipline of body, mind & spirit are important factors within our training.

The style we teach is Wado-Ryu karate. The philosophy of Traditional Karate to strengthen the spirit and train the heart, mind and body to never give up!

Our adult and youths karate classes are great for men, women and youths from 12 years up. You do not need to be super fit and it is never to late to start your martial arts journey! Our adult and youths karate classes cost £6 per lesson PAY-AS-YOU-GO.

Our adult & youths karate classes will help improve

Focus & Awareness

In today's fast moving and often stressful environment karate can help you to develop a greater self control and focus. Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding dangerous situations is a vital key to good self-defence.


The truth is that many people are not that flexible, that's why we have a program that is designed to take into account all individual abilities and help you improve your flexibility.

Strength, Fitness & Co-ordination

From the cardiovascular and endurance workouts of SAMA karate you will gradually achieve greater energy and stamina. Our training will help with weight problems, developing a strong, toned and more healthy body. Our training will also help improve your co-ordination.

How to enrol in a SAMA Karate class

How to enrol for a class

  • We require a completed medical/registration form before you/your child attends the first lesson. This can be done with the instructor at the beginning of your class or click here to print off a form to fill in at home and take along with you.
  • In regards to our straight after school kids karate classes, please click here to print off a form and hand into the school secretary or put into your childs book bag for our instructor to collect before the class.
  • Remeber to wear/send your child along with suitable clothing for training within the karate class. Classes are bear foot so no special footwear is needed.
  • All classes are PAY-AS-YOU-GO so please make sure payment is made on the first lesson to the class instructor.
  • Please note some of our very popular classes may have a short waiting list, if this is the case it will be displayed on our venues page.
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