Senior Instructors


Sensei Liam O'Hara - Area instructor

Yondan Liam O'Hara

Sensei Liam O'Hara 4th Dan is a senior instructor who teaches karate and kickboxing classes in Eastbourne and Bexhill. His classes are diverse and high tempo including strength and fitness work and he leads by example.

He started his karate training at the age of five under Hanshi Alan Gibson in Brighton and then expanded into assisting at classes and training with Renshi Lee Gibson whom he now teaches under.

Always training hard to keep in top shape he has had success in both full contact kickboxing as well as karate tournaments over the years and is looking to compete again soon.

  • Years Training: 25 Years
  • Passed Karate Black Belt (Shodan): 2000
  • Passed Karate 2nd Dan (Nidan): 2010
  • Passed Karate 3rd Dan (Sandan): 2015
  • Passed Karate 4th Dan (Yondan): 2021
  • Fought in Full Contact Kickboxing
  • Competed Semi Contact Karate
  • Graded in Kobudo with Southern Kobudo Association

Sensai Matt Harford - Area instructor

Sensei Matt Harford

Sensei Matt Harford 3rd Dan is a senior instructor who teaches karate classes within the Hastings area.

He started training with SAMA at the age of 6. When he passed his black belt at the age of 14 he began helping out at classes and gradings to gain as much experience as he could.

At the age of 15 he expanded his training into kickboxing. He has also graded under Hanshi Gibson in Kobudo (Weapons training) with the Southern Kobudo Association.

He has also taken part in many demonstrations as well as having refereeing experience at competition.

  • Years Training: 22 Years
  • Passed Karate Black Belt (Shodan): 2004
  • Passed Karate 2nd Dan (Nidan): 2011
  • Passed Karate 3rd Dan (Sandan): 2016
  • Competed in karate competition
  • Graded in Kobudo with Southern Kobudo Association
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