Ashford Karate Grading

Next grade date

  • TBA

Grade venue

  • The Stour Centre, Station Approach, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1ET. Please click here for directions.

Grading times

Due to the grading schedule, late students may not be able to take their grading.

Booking in for all White Belts: 11.00am
Pre-Grade Class: 11.15am - 12.00pm
White Belts Grading Test: 12.15pm

To be able to grade your child must have 

SAMA Memebership and Insurance (This is the £20.00 fee paid to your class instructor or online via our website after your child’s trial period normally on the 3rd/4th lesson - If you have any queries regarding this please speak to your class instructor) Your Child's membership book will be waiting at the grading for you.

Students must wear

A clean pressed gi (karate suit) and belt with SAMA badge sewn on the left breast. Karate girls are allowed to wear a plain white t-shirt or vest under their karate jacket but boys must be bare chested under their karate jacket. Also no jewellery is allowed be worn during the grade test including earrings. If you are unable to remove earrings they can be taped over.

Karate pre-grade class

Pre-grade classes are for children who have 3 stripes on their belt or children who are very close to grade and need stripes in order to go for grade. The class gives children extra practice on the day of their test. This class has many benefits for the students including;

  • Practice on all aspects of the grade work.
  • Practice on blocks, kicks & punches, stances, breathing, strength, focus etc all very important to achieving a good pass. 
  • An extra confidence boost to shake off any nerves and highly reduce the risk of failure.

Unfortunately parents are not able to stay within the hall for the pre-grade class. Parents are welcome to stay within the centre or watch the class at the veiwing section. If leaving the centre during the pre-grade class please make sure you are back before the end of the pre-grade class, as parents return to the venue to stay with their children before they grade.

Grade fees - All payable on the day

  • £25.00 per student - This includes Pre-Grade Class, Grading Fee and a Red Belt. If the student does not pass the test we will refund the cost of the red belt (£5.00)
  • Please be aware there is a small parking fee for the use of the Stour Centre car park with an hourly rate of £1.30 per car. This can be paid via the RingGo app or ticket machines on site on the day.

Also available on the day

There will also be a variety of equipment and accessories available to purchase on the day of the grading.

These items can also be purchased via our equipment provider Strike SportClick here to visit their website.

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